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Fire Damage

Residential and Commercial Fire damage claims.


Damaged caused by flooding.

Tornado Damage

Damage claims caused by tornados.

Hurricane Sandy

Damage caused by Hurricane Sandy October 29, 2012

[img src=]350Satetellite photo of Hurricane Sandy
Rain predictions for Hurricane Sandy before it came ashore.
[img src=]160Boat
Large yacht floated into someone's front yard.
[img src=]170Boat 2
Sunken runabout.
[img src=]150Flooded basement
Basement flooded on Long Beach, Long Island, NY. The water reached the rafters at it's high point.
[img src=]150Deep
Flood waters were deep enough to become trapped in the silverware tray in the kitchen cabinets.
[img src=]170Wind and water
This home was damaged by both wind and water.
[img src=]170Tilt
This home floated off it's foundation.
[img src=]140Tilt 2
This home floated off it's foundation.
[img src=]90Floodeed Basement
This home at Breezy Point, Long island, NY not only flooded the basement, the water was waist high on the first floor. This was taken as the water receded.

Hurricane Damage

Damage caused by hurricanes

Other Claims Damage

Insurance claims by miscellaneous causes


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